Girls Junior Varsity Gymnastics, Varsity Gymnastics · Connersville High School Girls Varsity Gymnastics finishes 6th place

Varsity Gymnastics

Saturday January 24th, 2015

11:30 AM






Place Points
6 101.875


Concordia Lutheran High School

Place Points
11 85.625

Meet Recap

We started out on floor, Our team did a great job hitting their passes, the scores were way to low. Madi Hamilton started us off with a 7.625 score, Whitney Owens was next with an 8.15, Sydney Huber was up next and scored a 7.95, her score was way to low for her difficulty and performance, then Kylee Elleman finished with an 8.35. Our performances on floor were scored way too low, later the floor scores went up — with not as good as skills.

Vault- Emily Stine started us off with a Front handspring vault that scored 8.375, Whitney also performed a front handspring to score an 8.425, Sydney did a nice job on her front handspring full to score an 8.8, Kylee Elleman hit her Pike Yurchenko to score 9.25 for a tie for 6th place.

Next bars: We love bars.
Emily started us off and hit a nice clear kip hand to go into her giants and then dismount, she scored 8.125, Whitney was next she also hit a nice clear hip handstand to go into her giants and dismount, she scored 8.225, Next Sydney did her toe Hecht into her kip clear hip handstand to 2 giants and a doulble back. She hit a nice routine and scored 8.775.Just missing 10th place..Next Kylee Elleman started with a half pirouette on the low bar to the toe Hecht, kip handstand, clear hip handstand, giants to a double back dismount to scor 9.35 for 2nd place. Next were are on beam, my girls did a great job trying to compete beam while they were putting up the equipment for the meet. Wait a minute we are not finished competing, no they are dragging the mats and tearing down the bars. AND WE ARE TRYING TO DO OUR BEAM ROUTINES. Kylie Miller scored a 7.25 on her routine she worked hard and stayed on. She hit a nice handstand into her back walkover. Next we had Whitney connect her back walkover backhandspring, added her switch side for bonus, she scored 8.25, Sydney was next, great backhandspring backhandspring connection. She had a rough time staying on 3 had 3 falls that hurt her score, she scored a 7.55. Next Kylee competed and hit her routine for an 8.75 for 10th.
All around Kylle scored 35.7 for 7th all around, Sydney had 33.075 and Whitney had 33.1
I was proud of the girls working hard to do a good job. We also know that we can still do better. Off to the gym for more practice.