Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Lady Spartan Soccer Mid-Summer Update/Reminders

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

The Lady Spartan Soccer Team has been working very hard this summer.  We have been having open fields twice a week since June 7th, where players ranging from middle school age to upcoming seniors in high school have come to train for the upcoming season.  We have been working on basic skills, technical skills, and game play scenarios.  I look forward to our continue work and growth as the summer continues!



Here are just a few reminders:

  1. Next week is moratorium week. This means we do not have practice and I will not be in contact with you.  Ali Angeles and Hollie Hoffman did take the equipment and plan to hold workouts next week.  Please keep an eye out in the groupme for those updates or text them individually for information.  If you cannot make those workouts, please make sure you are staying active!
  2. GET YOUR PHYSICAL DONE AND TURNED IN! Both the doctor portion and online portions must be completed before you can officially start practice on August 1st.
  3. First official practice/tryouts are August 1st. You must have all of your paperwork completed and online portions done to practice.  Starting that day we only have 13 practices before the first game.  If you have a vacation planned or will be missing any practices please let me know ASAP!  It is important you not to miss ANY of those practices.
  4. I just met with Derek from Adrenaline Fundraising for our fundraiser this year. We will be doing our kickoff on August 2nd after practice.  We will be doing a donation campaign where we send emails to family/friends for donations.  Please compile a list of 30 emails by July 28th for the fundraiser.  You will receive your contact form at practice on July 11th.


Have a great 4th of July!  See you on July 11th!