Spartans News · Spartan Athletics Roll Out Phase I

Summer workouts for Spartan Athletes may begin on Monday, July 6th.   Reminder that all summer workouts are optional.  There are some guidelines that student athletes will have to follow during Phase I, which is from July 6th to July 19th.

  1.  Student-Athletes are permitted to be on campus for a total of 15 hours for each week.
  2. Each sport may hold 2 sport specific activity days no more than 3 hours per activity session.  These activity days may not be on consecutive days.
  3. Each sport can have 4 conditioning days at 2 hours per time.   A student-athlete may only attend 1 conditioning session per day.  Conditioning sessions are separate of activity session.   Example:  A soccer player may have an activity session on Monday for 3 hours, but they could also attend a 2 hour conditioning session for baseball on the same day.  Those 5 hours count towards the 15  hours allowed on campus for the week.
  4. All student-athletes will be required to sign in on the daily attendance sheet at each workout and answer the five questions on the sign-in sheet.
  5. All student-athletes must come dressed ready to workout.
  6. All student-athletes must have their own water bottle that should either be disposable or, if reusable, taken home each day and washed to bring back.  Each athlete should have their name on the water bottle.
  7. All student-athletes must have their own towel.  If they want a towel.  Each athlete should have their name on the towel.
  8. All student-athletes must sanitize their hands upon arrival to the facility and before participating.(20 seconds of washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer)
  9. There is to be no sharing of any personal items with another person.
  10. If you bring a backpack, you must not put your backpacks in a pile…you need to practice social distancing with your belongings.
  11. Social distance during workouts as much as possible.
  12. Student-Athletes need to have rides to pick them up at the conclusion of workouts…there should be no mingling or hanging out after workouts.
  13. There is to be no celebratory actions that require physical touching…no fist bumps, chest bumps, high fives, etc.
  14. Student-athletes need to leave workouts and go home and shower.

During Phase I, the following facilities requirements will be observed.

  1.  Locker Rooms are not available at all during Phase I.
  2. All drinking fountains are not to be used unless it has a water bottle filling station.
  3. Restroom are open, coaches will let you know which restroom you must use.  All student-athletes Must wash hands prior to returning to workouts.
  4. The weightroom  will be open but lifts that require spotters are not allowed
  5. Custodial staff, coaching staff, and athletic department will sanitize facilities and equipment at conclusion of workouts.

Each student-athlete that had a physical during the 2019-2020 school year will not have to get a new physical, but will have to have athlete and parent sign the IHSAA-Health-History-Update-Questionnaire-and-Consent-Release-Certificate1 contained in this link.   If the answer to any of the 7 question on this questionnaire is yes, then the student-athlete is required to have a new Physical Form found on this link.  The Questionnaire or the new Physical form MUST be turned in to the Athletic Department.

LISTED BELOW ARE WORKOUT DATES, TIMES, and LOCATIONS for the opening workout per sport listed.

Monday, July 6th:

Boys Basketball:  6:00 AM Spartan Arena

Volleyball:  9:00 AM CHS Gym

Spartanettes:  1:00 PM CHS Gym

Football:   5:00 PM CHS Football Bleachers

Cheerleaders:  6:00 PM CHS Gym…clinic for cheerleading tryouts

Girls Soccer:  6:30 PM CHS Soccer Field


Tuesday, July 7th:

MS Boys Basketball:  7:00 AM Spartan Arena

Cross Country:  8:00 AM CHS by Swimming pool doors.

Girls Basketball:  9:00 AM Spartan Arena

Football:  5:00 PM CHS Football Field

Softball:  5:00 PM CHS Softball Field

Boys Soccer:  6:00 PM CHS Soccer Field


Wednesday, July 8th

Boys Golf:  8:00 AM Willowbrook Country Club.


Saturday, July 11th:

Tennis:  5:00 PM CHS Tennis Courts


Tuesday, July 14th:

Wrestling:  7:00 PM CHS Wrestling Pit

Coaches will give out information as to when all other workouts will take place at the first workout.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Athletic Department at 7655-825-2900 or email Brent Duncan at