Spartans News · CMS Football at Greendale Results

At Greendale Ind—  The Connersville Spartans Middle School Football went head to head with the Lawrenceburg Tigers.  The Spartans started with a quick rushing touchdown from Micah Buchanan followed by a two point conversion by a Isaac Keller. The Tigers then went out on offense where Keller forced and recovered a fumble. The Spartan offense came right out firing on all cylinders with Fox throwing down the field to Buchanan for a Touchdown. The Tiger offense fired back with a quick score of their own entering the half Spartans:14 Tigers:8. The Tigers started with the ball in the beginning of the 3rd Quarter and   had a drive that lasted the entirety of the 3rd ending in a score. The Spartan offense was eager to get the ball only taking two plays to drive score a 60 yard rushing TD from Buchanan. Spartans:20 Tigers:14. The Tigers then went on to score a TD and a two point conversion to take the lead by two.

Final Score-Tigers:22 Spartans:20
The Spartans will be next in action at CHS Football Field on 9/15 against the Franklin County Wildcats at 5:30.