Spartans News · Connersville HS Athletics Voucher/Ticket Information

Vouchers for CHS and CMS athletic event tickets will be distributed first to the participants of the event.  This will include players, coaches, cheerleaders, Spartanettes, Pep Band, Guard(if performing), and the players and coaches of our opponents.  If the color code of the county, for COVID-19 will permit, there may be additional vouchers available depending on which venue the event is taking place.  We have sold ALL of the ALL-SPORT tickets available for this year.   If there are additional vouchers for an event, all-sport ticket holders will have the first opportunity to obtain a voucher.  If there are any vouchers left, after our essential personnel and all-sport ticket holders purchase-time is over, we will make vouchers available to the public.  Times and dates for voucher opportunities will be posted to our website(, tweeted(@cvillespartans), and will be given to the radio, WLPK 106.9 FM.


Winter Venue Color Code Map—Vouchers-Tickets

Face Masks to be worn at all times and Social Distancing to take place while at the events.  Sanitizer will be available at each venue.