Spartans News · CMS Boys Basketball @ Seton Catholic – COVID-19 Guidelines 12/1/20

For basketball events, we will be implementing the following plan:
 Per the Governor’s mandate and the IHSAA’s directive, masks will be required for all spectators.
 Masks are also required for players (except when they are on the court) and coaches. (Wayne County Directive)
 Only players who will play are to be dressed and in attendance. (Wayne County Directive)
 Each dressed player will be allowed 2 tickets. (Wayne County Directive)
◦ Each fan will turn in the ticket they were given at the gate and pay for it upon arrival.
▪ NOTE: If you do not have a ticket, you will NOT be admitted to the game.
◦ Spectators will sit in “family groups.” We will socially distance as much as possible between each family group.
▪ Family groups are the blue seats without the “Do Not Sit Here” signs on them. Family groups will also be marked
with a white circle on the front of the area or a colored number if someone is already sitting there.
◦ Home fans will sit Sections 1 & 2 while Visiting fans will sit in Sections 3 & 4.
 Cheerleading, bands, or other spirit activities are not permitted. (Wayne County Directive)
 Only the home team scorer, timer, and announcer will be allowed at the scorer’s table.
 We will be live-streaming our games to our YouTube channel. I will be sure to send you links to access the games so those
who cannot attend the game can still catch the action.